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Concept, Organization, Back-end Bugs

Reach out to Tim Anglade via email or twitter.

Design, Front-end Bugs

Send your queries to Stefano J. Attardi
(Check out his website while you're at it!)

City-specific question

Please talk to your local organizers instead. There's a link to their email address on the About page.


This one’s for you, Cliff.

Don’t forget to lean into it.



A round of applause for our valiant, unpaid organizers!


Big thanks to you guys. You offer awesome products & services
and allow us to use your offices? — That rocks.

Code & Hosting

The front was put together by repeat awesome-design offender Stefano J. Attardi, also known as @steadicat. You might have seen his work already as he’s previously done the NOSQL conference template and Check his website out for more jaw-dropping stuff.

The back-end was implemented with Sinatra in Ruby by Tim Anglade. The code will probably get open-sourced soon if you’re wondering. It runs on Heroku with REE 1.8.7.

Our data is served by CouchDB on Cloudant.

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